Left Shoes
It's a sad sad world
About Left Shoes
Some people write stories, some people write poems and others paint pictures. Still others do nothing. Whenever we find a Left Shoe we take a picture and a note of the things the shoe is telling. Usually these are not cheerful stories. In our experience Left Shoes tend to become sad, depressed and emotionally unstable. Left Shoes seldom get very old and if they do, the picture usually doesn't get much nicer. The Left Shoes website give rise a lot of questions. Some of them we try to answer right away.

What exactly is a Left Shoe?
A Left Shoe is a shoe that has been left or lost. It can be a right shoe or a left shoe. A right shoe that has been left or lost is a Left Shoe too.

Where do the Left Shoe pictures come from?
From all over the world. Important is the shoe has been left or lost and is pictured the way it was found. No posing, no arranging. Just the plain picture.

Where do the texts come from
The texts are the things the Left Shoe said when it was found by the person who took the picture. Don't be fooled. You know and we know shoes don't talk. It takes a special kind of sensitivity to appreciate what the shoe is relating.

Can I contribute a Left Shoe picture
Yes you can. Just attach it to a comment to any Left Shoe picture on the site. All pictures of Left Shoes are in a landscape orientation so we prefer that. It's entirely up to us whether the picture will make it to the site or not. We might crop, resize or rotate the picture before publishing.

Is it required to furnish a text when contributing?
A Left Shoe without a text is a job not finished. Delevering a text with your picture increases the likelyhood of it being published provided the text breathes an atmosphere which is in line with he rest of the site and what is written in the first paragraph of thispage.